Carlton stave off Sydney to end 10-year AFL finals drought and set up semi-final against Melbourne

Harry McKay has been subbed out of the game and is certain to miss next week, should the Blues win, after a head collision with Swans defender Tom McCartin.

McKay was flying for a mark inside 50 when the back of McCartin’s head collided with the Blues star’s face.

The Blues big man went down immediately before medical staff rushed to his side.

They helped him off the ground, but the power forward looked very shaky on his feet.

Watch the incident in the video below

The Carlton star needed assistance to leave the field.

The Carlton star needed assistance to leave the field.

“He’s still very wobbly on his feet as he’s being carried off the ground here, is McKay,” Brian Taylor said.

“So he will be ruled out of this game. Nothing more certain. And it also means he will miss next week’s game.

“He’s been very unsteadyon his feet over the last 30 seconds

“Bad news for the Blues here. If they do go on and win, they will bewithout that man, under the concussion rules.”

Abbey Holmes confirmed McKay had been subbed out at three quarter time.

“Big news during that third term was of course the absence of Harry McKay,” Holmes sai.

“It was a big hit and the medical sub has been has been made. Jesse Motlop comes into the game.

“It was a huge contact. As we see just the backing back from McCartin, and you can see the big key forward in Harry McKay trying to impose himself but he’s just collected him on the chin.

“Big ramifications. Also Sydney have made their sub too: Joel Amartey out and Robbie Fox in for this final term.”

Jude Bolton added: “He was visibly shaken. But this crowd has just erupted. The noise when Patrick Cripps kicked that goal was just phenomenal.”

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