No ‘joyful strains’ in anthem horror show

The pre-match entertainment ahead of the huge AFL qualifying final between the Lions and Power at the Gabba did not go to plan.

AFL: Zak Butters was seen making contact with Dayne Zorko in an off the ball incident in the Lions and Power finals clash.

With the teams in place and final formalities playing out, all that was left was a quick rendition of “Advance Australia Fair” and then the Sherrin could be bounced.

Sadly, it didn’t prove to be quite so straightforward.

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Liliya Butonova, who is listed as a Brisbane-based soul singer on an entertainment website, may have got a little stage fright.

Butonova started well enough, albeit a little off-key, before an issue arose towards the end.

Liliya Butonova singing the national anthem pre-match. Photo: Fox Footy

Liliya Butonova. Photo: Fox Footy

Clearly thinking the anthem ended on the words “Advance Australia Fair” prior to the chorus, she held the word “fair” and then stopped singing.

Unfortunately, the chorus line “in joyful strains then let us sing, Advance Australia Fair” was still to come.

To her credit, Butonova realised her mistake and jumped back in after missing “in joyful”.

It was a moment that didn’t get missed on social media.

There is a long line of anthem fails from the world of professional sport, particularly in the United States.

Among the most notorious is former Olympic sprinter Carl Lewis’ mangling of the “Star Spangled Banner” ahead of a Chicago Bulls vs New Jersey Nets basketball game in 1993.

Perhaps our favourite, or least favourite is probably a better way to put it, came from comedian Roseanne Barr back in 1990.

Clearly opting to do the absolute worst rendition possible ahead of a Major League Baseball game in San Diego, Barr was booed mercilessly as she screeched her way through the song.

There have also been some heartwarming moments to accompany anthem fails.

Ahead of an NBA playoff game between Portland and Dallas in 2003, a 13-year-old Natalie Gilbert began singing the anthem before the moment got too much for her and she forgot the words.

In stepped the Blazers coach at the time, Maurice Cheeks, to help her through the song.

Gilbert then got back on track and earned a huge ovation.

Which begs the question – where was Chris Fagan or Ken Hinkley in Butonova’s moment of need?

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