LD30 Legislators Announce Endorsement from New Jersey State AFL-CIO

LD30 Legislators Announce Endorsement from New Jersey State AFL-CIO

In a timely and significant development following Labor Day, the Republican ticket of Senator Robert Singer, Assemblyman Sean Kean, and Assemblyman Ned Thomson (R – Monmouth / Ocean) has announced the endorsement of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO for their re-election in Legislative District 30. This endorsement underscores their commitment to championing the rights of the state’s unionized workers.

The New Jersey State AFL-CIO, a formidable coalition of labor unions representing a diverse workforce, passionately advocates for the well-being of countless workers and their families across the state. This endorsement reflects the organization’s confidence in these experienced lawmakers and their dedication to enhancing the lives of workers throughout New Jersey.

New Jersey State AFL-CIO President Charles Wowkanech emphasized the significance of supporting candidates who prioritize the welfare of workers, stating, “These legislative elections will have an outsized impact on our members, and it’s critical to help elect pro-worker majorities. These candidates have illustrated that they stand on the side of working people, and now we will work to stand on their side on election day.”

Senator Robert Singer expressed his gratitude for the endorsement, noting, “As we reflect on the spirit of Labor Day and the contributions of our hardworking men and women, I am deeply honored to receive the endorsement of the New Jersey State AFL-CIO. My commitment to the well-being of all New Jerseyans in the workforce remains unwavering, and I will continue to fight tirelessly for policies that promote job security, fair wages, and safe working conditions.”

Assemblyman Sean Kean stated, “In the wake of Labor Day, we are reminded of the importance of a strong workforce as the foundation of our state’s prosperity. It’s a privilege to be recognized by the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, and I am fully committed to working in partnership with them to ensure that workers have a voice and the support they need.”

Assemblyman Ned Thomson added, “This timely endorsement is a testament to our shared commitment to the organized labor that drives our state forward. As a legislator, I am dedicated to advancing policies that strengthen our communities and empower our workers. Together with the New Jersey State AFL-CIO, we are committed to building a brighter future for all.”


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