Pies won’t change after Maynard charge

The AFL world remains divided over the incident involving Collingwood’s Brayden Maynard but his teammates are defiant.

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As the Magpies prepare to defend Maynard at the AFL tribunal on Tuesday night, Sidebottom said there was complete concern at his club for Brayshaw, who has a history of concussion issues that put his career in jeopardy after being knocked out at the MCG.

But Sidebottom said it was “near-on impossible” to avoid some accidents occurring on the field and defended Maynard, who jumped in the air to spoil a kick from Brayshaw and then collided with him on the way down.

“The game happens so fast and there’s times when things happen that you almost can’t control,” Sidebottom said.

“It‘s a 360-degree game, there’s guys coming from everywhere and sometimes it’s unfortunate that things like that happen.

“That’s the game that we play and accidents are going to happen.

“He was making a play at the footy and it was a footy play.”

Jack Viney remonstrates with Brayden Maynard after Angus Brayshaw was knocked out. Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images

Sidebottom said Maynard was a fair player and the result of the collision was “just unfortunate” as debate rages over whether the Magpie defender should be suspended.

But 307-game veteran Sidebottom said none of his teammates would be shocked into altering how they played despite the potential for Maynard to get a three-match, finals-ending suspension.

“Not at all. You can’t really,” he said.

“There’s rules in place and unfortunately things are going to happen that you can’t always control.”

Even four days on from last Thursday’s nailbiting win over the Demons, Sidebottom conceded he was a “bit sore” and the extra week before the preliminary final would be a bonus.

“With finals pressure I still feel a little bit sore today, so to be able to have a week off and rest is going to be good for everyone,” Sidebottom told reporters on Monday.

“If you ask any team, they would‘ve preferred to have the week off. We’ll definitely use it as an advantage.”

He said superstar Nick Daicos would be the main beneficiary as he looked to return from a knee injury.

The week off will be good for Nick Daicos. Picture: Tony Gough

Daicos has stepped up his running in recent days and looks set to play in the preliminary final against the winner of the clash between Port Adelaide and GWS.

“I’m sure he’s happy that we got the result. It gives him an extra week to get ready,” Sidebottom said.

“Nick‘s an ultimate professional and we’ve got such good people at this footy club that have the best interests for him.

“I’m sure if he wasn’t right then they wouldn’t be rolling him out to play, but it’s just good that we get that extra week now for him to get himself right.”

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