Brayden Maynard AFL Tribunal: Update, hearing time, result, suspension

Collingwood star Brayden Maynard will face the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday for his hit on Melbourne’s Angus Brayshaw.

Maynard’s rough conduct charge was sent directly to the AFL Tribunal after being assessed by the AFL’s Match Review panel.

The Sporting News has all the latest on the Maynard case.

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Brayden Maynard AFL Tribunal updates

When is Brayden Maynard’s AFL Tribunal case?

Maynard’s AFL Tribunal case for the rough conduct charge on Brayshaw is scheduled to begin at 4:00pm (AEST).

The hearing time is unknown, with tribunal cases known to go for hours.

Carlton’s Jack Martin is scheduled to fight a striking charge at 6:00pm (AEST), but that case will be pushed back if Maynard’s is ongoing.

What has Brayden Maynard been charged with?

Maynard is facing a three-plus game suspension with his rough conduct charge sent to the Tribunal for the hit on Melbourne’s Brayshaw.

The incident occurred early in the game and saw Brayshaw stretchered off with concussion, not returning to the field of play.

As Brayshaw went to kick the ball, Maynard launched himself in an attempt to smother before turning his body sideways and making contact via his shoulder with Brayshaw’s head.

The incident was assessed as careless conduct, severe impact and high conduct.

After the hit, Melbourne players, including Jack Viney remonstrated with Maynard.

Brayden Maynard result at AFL Tribunal

Result of the Brayden Maynard case will be added here once it reaches its conclusion.

Angus Brayshaw concussion injury

Brayshaw – who wears a helmet when he plays AFL – has had a history of concussion issues in his career, including four in the space of 12 months in his early days.

His brother, Hamish, said the Melbourne star would undergo brain scans for a decision on his playing future would be made.

“I spoke to him earlier on today – he’s having some scans on his brain from the same doctor who looked after him a few years ago,” Hamish Brayshaw said from Perth.

“Health comes number one and he’s got a life to live after football.

“I think that’ll be something he’ll assess over the off-season and whether or not his body can keep going, time will tell.”

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