Brayden Maynard olive branch not well received after ‘awkward’ house visit to Angus Brayshaw

Brayden Maynard may have had the right intentions as he took flowers and wine to visit Angus Brayshaw in the aftermath of last week’s brutal hit – but his visit was reportedly tense.

Maynard went to the home of Brayshaw on Friday, following on from the qualifying final smother attempt gone wrong that left Brayshaw unconscious for two minutes on the MCG turf.

Several of his Demons teammates were reportedly already at the house, creating an awkward encounter.

“I’m told Maynard’s visit was awkward,” Sam Edmund said on Sen’s Sportsday on Monday.

“He was allowed in but the awkwardness was actually heightened by the fact that Brayshaw already had multiple Melbourne teammates visiting him the day after the game.

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