Brownlow Medallist agrees with two-game ban for key Blue

While all the focus is on Brayden Maynard at the AFL Tribunal on Tuesday night, Carlton will also front in an attempt to free Jack Martin from a two-game ban.

Martin was cited for making contact to the face of Nick Blakey in a tackling attempt on Friday night. It was ultimately graded high contact, high impact and careless conduct.

Melbourne’s Jacob Van Rooyen will similarly be unavailable for the Semi Final after accepting a one-game ban for contact to Dan McStay’s head.

Kane Cornes was quick to slam the MRO for the Martin call, believing it was a clear-cut one-game ban.

Brownlow Medallist Gerard Healy however believes both Martin and Van Rooyen deserved two-game bans for their actions.

“Melbourne moved quickly to shut down a move to challenge the Jacob Van Rooyen case and not surprisingly,” Healy told SEN’s Sportsday.

“In my view, he should have got two weeks and was lucky to get away with one.

“The table needs an overhaul in my view by Laura Kane. The sub-concussive hit by the shoulder on Dan McStay was as bad as the swinging sub-concussive hit on Nick Blakey by Jack Martin – who got two weeks.

“Two weeks is right for both in an era where concussion is the biggest challenge for the game. Martin takes his to the Tribunal.”

Martin’s hearing will take place after Maynard’s tonight.

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