Collingwood defender Brayden Maynard avoids season-ending ban over Angus Brayshaw collision after he is cleared by the AFL Tribunal

Collingwood star Brayden Maynard has successfully avoided a season-ending suspension at the AFL Tribunal. 

Maynard was cited after a collision with Melbourne’s Angus Brayshaw in last week’s qualifying final.

Maynard left the ground to attempt a smother of a kick from Brayshaw, and his shoulder collided with the Demons’ player’s head, knocking him out.

Maynard was charged with rough conduct, classified as careless conduct, high contact and severe impact. 

He was cleared after a four-hour hearing.

AFL counsel Andrew Woods argued that Maynard’s decision to jump was a breach of duty of care and that once he did jump, his turning his body away rather than spreading his arms wide to cushion the impact with Brayshaw was also a breach.

Maynard was questioned in the hearing, and he said he recalled making contact with the ball despite Brayshaw getting the kick away.

“I sort of seized up. Next thing I know he was on the floor and I was just a bit rattled myself.”

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