Melbourne teammate left angered by Maynard’s awkward Brayshaw visit

BRAYDEN Maynard took flowers and wine to the home of Angus Brayshaw as more details emerge of the Collingwood defender’s Friday visit.

As reported by Tom Morris at the weekend, Maynard arrived at the Brayshaw residence the day after his airborne smother badly concussed the Melbourne midfielder.

The collision saw Brayshaw knocked out for as long as two minutes in the middle of the MCG. Some close to Brayshaw are of the opinion that even if the Demons make the Grand Final, Brayshaw would not be considered a certainty.

According to those present, Maynard’s visit was awkward. He was allowed in, but the awkwardness was heightened by the fact Brayshaw already had multiple Melbourne teammates visiting.

At least one of those teammates was angered by Maynard’s presence and had to remove himself from the room. Despite Maynard’s good intentions, this wasn’t a well-received visit.

Maynard will front the AFL tribunal on Tuesday night in a bid to play again this season, with his actions deemed careless, with severe impact and high contact.

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