Cal Twomey’s trade, draft and coaching update

The futures of a number of players and some coaches whose respective futures remain in the air.

AFL Media’s Cal Twomey has provided the latest on some potential trades as well as some possible draftees and the Richmond coaching search.

Read the latest below:

Ben McKay (North Melbourne)

Are Essendon still in the market?

“I think they’re definitely still in the market. I think it’s a three-way market for McKay now with Hawthorn still very much keen to land him.

“Obviously Sydney’s still very much in the frame.

“The Bombers are in the mix there, and if they have to pay a little more to get a free agent then that’s the cost that comes with free agency because you don’t have to give up anything on the trade front.

“Clearly the Bombers want to keep their picks too.”

Liam Henry (Fremantle)

On the background behind his desire to join St Kilda and Hawthorn’s interest.

“I think there’s been a fairly long link to St Kilda through being at the Next Generation Academy at Fremantle when Ross Lyon was coaching Fremantle.

“They didn’t cross over at AFL level but there was a link there, and also a link through Bradley Hill.

“I think that was going to be hard for the Hawks to get past. In saying that, Hawthorn came to the party late but strong. They presented really well to him and Sam Mitchell’s a bit of a genius in front of players and getting them to buy into what could potentially be in store.

“But he’s settled on the Saints and a trade will have to go through next month.”

Richmond coaching job

“Two front-runners have emerged – Interim coach Andrew McQualter and Melbourne assistant Adem Yze.

“They were on the shortlist along Essendon assistant Daniel Giansiracusa, Hawthorn assistant and of course former Tigers skipper Chris Newman, and also Richmond assistant Xavier Clarke.

“My understanding is Newman, Giansiracusa and Clarke are no longer part of the process as it stands.

“So it looks the leading two candidates in there are McQualter and Yze. We know McQualter did a fantastic job in the second half of the season. Yze of course has come close a number of times for GWS and Essendon jobs in the past.

“Expecting a coaching appointment around Grand Final time for the Tigers.”

Gold Coast and Pick 4

“The Bulldogs’ hand is really, really strong. They have two first-round picks and the interest for them is to get up and grab that pick.

“But also to get inside the (expected) bid for Jordan Croft who is the father-son pick there. I have him at number 11 on my (phantom draft) board.

“They have to get inside there and not risk those picks getting swallowed up.

“Also Melbourne has a really strong hand to have a crack at it. Sydney, if they don’t trade those picks, will be in the market as well.

“But the Bulldogs and Melbourne are this leading contenders.”

North Melbourne and possible draft concessions

“They met with the AFL on Tuesday. Jen White, the CEO, footy manager Todd Viney and strategy boss James Gallagher met with the league to formally put forward their case for assistance.

“Clearly they’ve got the interest in Ryley Sanders in getting him through the Next Generation Academy. They might have access to him as a Next Generation Academy player but also have to match a bid at any point in the draft.

“That would be a good result if they could get that.

“But there can also be a discussion around the soft cap and any leniency there or different roles and list requirements, how big their list can be. We know last year the AFL gave them two future picks they were forced to trade for players.

“There’s all things on the board and that will get decided on the Monday on Brownlow day.”

Camporeale twins and Carlton

“We saw them a bit last year at Under-16 level for South Australia. They’re pretty exciting, pretty skilful, as you’d expect being Camporeales.

“They’ve spent some time at the Blues. They’re definitely on the radar for next year.

“We didn’t see them at Under-18 level this year, they’re a little bit more lighter-bodied players. I think we’ll see a fair bit of them next year.

“I think they’re on the way to Carlton.”

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