Goodwin’s Winning Focuses | Media Conference Recap

MELBOURNE’S Simon Goodwin provided an update on some injured Demons ahead of Fridays Semi-Final vs Carlton. 

Only a few days out from a blockbuster clash, Melbourne look to book their spot in a Preliminary-Final. Goodwin joined media to discuss external injury concerns, bouncing back from a loss and the excitement inside the Melbourne camp. 

External injury concerns

“I can confirm he [Gawn] will train fully today,” Goodwin said. 

“Both he and Clayton will both train and be available for selection.

“This isn’t something that will slow either of these two down.” 

Bouncing back from a loss

“We weren’t happy with how we executed the ball inside 50, and we certainly weren’t happy with our execution in front of goal,” Goodwin said.

“We’re not sitting here denying that we need to get better at that.

“We’ll focus on that throughout the week at training and we’ll get better at it.” 

The excitement inside the Melbourne camp 

“We go back to process and executing our best week of footy,” Goodwin said.

“If you were internal right now, you’d see the energy and the positivity and the opportunity that sits within our coaching group, within that playing group.

“There’s a vibrancy that’s really permeating through our building about what’s in front of us and the opportunity that sits there.” 

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