Gawn lifts the lid on awkward Magpie visit

The flowers Brayden Maynard brought for Angus Brayshaw did go in a vase, but Melbourne skipper Max Gawn conceded it wasn’t a long visit.

AFL: The AFL has stated that they had ‘no grounds’ to appeal the Maynard decision that saw him deemed free to play despite making contact with the head in a controversial collision.

Gawn was at Brayshaw’s house the day after the MCG collision that left the Demon unconscious for two minutes and could force him into making a decision about his future given his long history of concussions.

Amid reports of extreme tension when Maynard arrived with a bottle of wine and flowers, Gawn said the flowers went “in the vase” and the bottle of wine to the cellar during a 10-minute stay with Demons star Christian Petracca in attendance.

“Everyone knew each other, we played with Brayden’s brother (Corey), his dad works at the club, there’s a phenomenal connection between the Maynards and everyone at the club,” Gawn said on Thursday.

“It’s what I expected for a guy that hit someone, well, knocked someone out accidentally the night before.

Angus Brayshaw lays on the ground knocked out. Picture: Quinn Rooney/Getty Images)

“We weren’t on the couch watching Thank God You’re Here.

“We weren’t having a genuinely good time, but it was certainly not the reports that have come out.”

Maynard was cleared by the AFL tribunal and the league ruled out an appeal but has vowed to review the incident ahead of next season.

Gawn said he had “hardly watched” replays of the collision after seeing it live and was steadfast in his view that a suspension was warranted.

“I am way too biased to have an opinion. I can’t really see the other point of view and the other point of view won (at the tribunal), so I must be way off,” he told Triple M.

“For me, it’s a best mate and a teammate knocked out on the ground and that’s all I can see. He was knocked out for a long time and struggling in the rooms that night.

I had people telling me there was no way he could be suspended and I just couldn’t see that.

Now it’s happened, I have realised it has got nothing to do with Melbourne. Once I realised I couldn’t see the other opinion, I stopped talking about it.”

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