Max Gawn discusses Brayden Maynard’s Angus Brayshaw visit after brutal clash

Melbourne captain Max Gawn has explained what went down when Collingwood’s Brayden Maynard paid a visit to Angus Brayshaw after the pair’s brutal clash.

The Age’s Caroline Wilson told Nine’s Footy Classified on Monday that Maynard’s visit with flowers in hand was “pretty tense”, saying Gawn and fellow Demons star Christian Petracca’s presence was the only reason the Magpie was let in the house.

Gawn downplayed reports of a serious rift between the Demons camp and Maynard while opening up on the meeting which he said went for “10 minutes”.

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“Everyone knew each other. We played with Brayden’s brother three or four years ago, his dad works at the club. There’s a phenomenal connection between the Maynards and pretty much everyone at the football club,” he said on Triple M’s Marty Sheargold Show.

“It’s what I expected for a guy that hit someone – well, knocked someone out accidentally the night before.

“We weren’t on the couch watching Thank God You’re Here, we weren’t having a genuinely good time, but it was certainly not the reports that have come out.”

Wilson also stated, “I’m not sure the flowers made it to a vase”, but Gawn confirmed they had.

“I put the flowers in a vase … I got a text later than night from Danielle (Brayshaw’s fiancee) that I picked the wrong vase,” he said.

“I picked a pink vase, I thought it suited the flowers.”

Gawn revealed Brayshaw’s recovery from the concussion, the sixth of his career, was progressing well despite an early scare immediately following the clash with Maynard.

”We were really worried obviously early. He had a real bad first night,” Gawn said.

“This was number six and his fifth one was an eight-weeker. There was concerns early.

“I’m not an expert in concussion I don’t know much about it, all I know is he’s sticking to the protocols and he hasn’t had a bad day yet. Technically he’s ticked off the first five days of a 14-day protocol.

“He’s still looking like he could play in the prelim if we get there, which is so much more positive than what we thought on the initial night.”

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