SEN to offer bespoke one-eyed parochial commentary calls Blues Radio and Dees Radio this weekend

The biased Blues Radio was a hit last week and SEN is doubling down for Week 2 of the AFL Finals, offering both Carlton and Melbourne fans a one-eyed commentary option for the big Friday night game.

Andy Maher will once again leave his impartial calling at the door, captain of the unapologetically biased commentary team, which includes Mark Maclure and club legend Wayne Johnston.

Made possible once again thanks to Carlton’s Member Partner BUPA, the call will be tailored to passionate Blues fans who want to hear the match through a Blues lens only.

But Carlton fans won’t have it all their own way this week, with Demons Radio also launching with its own version of parochial commentary.

Thanks to Melbourne’s sponsor Zurich and Melbourne’s best laser eye specialist, Dr Noel Alpins of the New Vision Clinic, the one-eyed Demons commentary will be led by former Melbourne forward Russell Robertson, SEN’s Tom Morris and Melbourne AFLW player Lily Mithen.

Both Blues Radio and Dees Radio will be available on the SEN app. Those looking for a more traditional call of the game haven’t been forgotten either, with AFL Nation’s commentary available on SEN 1116am and SEN’s digital platforms. Fans can visit the SEN app and choose how they want to experience the match!

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