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This time last year, Melbourne coach Simon Goodwin was in the exact same position he is in now. Fronting a press conference after his side bowed out in straight sets.

Does he think the same issues are still there?

“I think we moved forward as a footy club. We transitioned a bit of our list as well throughout this period, throughout the last 12 months. We’ve seen some young guys get a lot of exposure throughout our team and will continue to build. We think we’re in a good shape to be able to continue to build,” he told reporters.

“We’ve got to sometimes go through these little challenges, this adversity to really build the resilience and greatness that’s required to win big games.

“We sit here, Carlton, you know, they took their opportunities. Full credit to them. They worked on that throughout this year. You can see the adversity they’ve gone through to get through to the position they’re in. This is just for us another step in our little work way that we want to go back to where we want to be.”

Another question. Critics will say that the club hasn’t maximised its talent on the list since then. Will that burn over summer?

“Look, I think when you’ve had two years where you set us up in an opportunity to perform strongly in finals and you lose, you know, twice in straight sets, there’s going to be criticism out there, but as a footy club, we know we have a list that’s building and still going to continue to add to that,” said Goodwin.

“We also know we’re going to continue to put ourselves in a position where we can have success that we want to have. But that just doesn’t happen. It’s hard to do. A lot has to go right. So we’ll keep training hard, working hard, reviewing, finding ways to get better and come out the other side.”

Goodwin also confirmed Max Gawn was playing with a broken big toe.

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