AFL superfan Robbie Williams writes an ode to Carlton after their epic knockout final win over Melbourne

By Josh Alston For Daily Mail Australia

06:47 16 Sep 2023, updated 08:12 16 Sep 2023

  • Williams has sold 75 million records and topped the Australian charts five times 
  • He put on a memorable show as the entertainment at the 2022 AFL grand final 
  • Is now hooked on the sport and loving the giant-slaying run of his team Carlton 

When Blake Acres kicking the winning goal for the Carlton Blues against the Dees on Friday night, little did most of the team know the world’s biggest recording artist was cheering them home at the same time.

UK pop star Robbie Williams is one of the best-selling recording artists and songwriters of all time and with 14 No.1 hits, stands alone as the greatest solo artist in history.

He is also a mad Carlton supporter, taking to social media to celebrate his team’s win to reach next week’s preliminary final.

Technically, Williams associated with Carlton started back in 2012 when he as gifted a jersey by Australian musician and friend Tim Metcalfe.

But his love for the Blues really started during the 2022 trip to Australia where he provided the pre-game and halftime entertainment at the AFL grand final.

Williams fell in love with the sport of Aussie Rules during his trip down under last year to perform at the AFL grand final
The UK mega star got his first taste of the sport back in 2012 when he was gifted a Carlton jersey while on tour
Robbie Williams reacts
Shows that he is watching the game

It seems Williams’ love for the Blues has reached fanatical levels, with the singing superstar blocking time out of his day to watch their finals matches.

First, he took to social media to celebrate Carlton’s win over the Sydney Swans while rubbing a generous amount of salt into their wounds at the same time. 

‘Every time, every time, every time I’ve watched the Swans,’ Williams sang to his 2.8 million followers.

‘The Swans have lost to everyone.’

Now, an ecstatic Williams has done it again, taking to social media after the Blues’ thrilling two-point win over the Melbourne Demons to celebrate their success.

That came complete with a new song, to the tune of Australian singer John Paul Young’s Love is in the Air, about Carlton star Tom De Koning. 

‘De Koning’s in the air, everywhere I look around,’ Williams sings.

‘De Koning’s everywhere, leaving bodies on the ground.

‘And he’s better than his brother, even better than his dad.

‘There’s only one Thomas de Koning, and he’s the best one we’ll ever have.

‘De Koning’s in the air! De, de, de, de, de, de.’

De Koning was a constant aerial threat for Carlton against Melbourne on Friday night and earned the praise of Robbie Williams in song form
Tom De Koning
Sam De Koning

The 49-year-old then broke out into an impromptu soccer-style chant.

‘The city is ours, the city is ours. One team in Melbourne, the city is ours.’ he bellowed.

‘I can’t believe it!’

Tom’s brother Sam De Koning has played 43 games for Geelong and is already an AFL premiership winner while their father Terry played 31 games for the Bulldogs in the early 1980s.

Needless to say, Carlton fans are pumped to have such high-profile support with plenty of members of the Blue Army posting their praise for Williams’ efforts.  

‘Can we get this guy a membership please I’ll happily pay for it,’ one posted.

‘Baggers need to be singing that next and the week after!! Legend RW!!’ posted another.

‘This was not on my bingo card .. but f*** I’m here for it,’ added another.

AFL boss Gil McLachlan and Williams pose for a photo with the AFL trophy ahead of the big game last year
Williams sung the hit song Kids he made famous with Kyle Minogue with Australian star Delta Goodrem at the 2022 AFL grand final

Williams was blown away by the sport of Aussie Rules during his trip down under last year and adopted Carlton partially because navy blue is his favourite colour.

‘It’s ridiculous how many teams one place has,’ Williams said in an interview with Channel 7 prior to last year’s grand final.

‘Melbourne seems to have 300 teams for some reason.

‘That’s why it’s so difficult to choose a team for me.

‘I’m still picking, [but] I think I’m going for Carlton.

‘They sent their coach [Michael Voss] today to come and say hello. We had a great chat and they bought me a shirt and I’m easily swayed.

‘I also like that white emblem thing they have on the front and the navy blue.’

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